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Calls for CREATE FUNCTION permission during the database and ALTER permission on the schema where the function is remaining created. In case the function specifies a user-defined style, calls for EXECUTE authorization on the kind. Examples

Unique aggregates where the distinct columns are compatible With all the ORDER clause. The ORDER clause does not guarantee ordered results every time a SELECT question is executed, Unless of course ORDER BY is usually specified in the question.

importNode(Node importedNode, boolean deep) Imports a node from another document to this document, with out altering or removing the source node from the first document; this method makes a brand new copy with the resource node.

The search phrase return might also be used to interrupt out of a function, Therefore not permitting the program to the remaining statements. (See the third illustration earlier mentioned.)

getDocumentURI() The situation on the document or null if undefined or In case the Document was created using DOMImplementation.createDocument.

Typically the value has an embedded period or dot. In this sort of scenarios the Transact-SQL syntax calls for that the value be bounded by using a set of straight brackets [], or with a pair of double quotation marks "".

On import, the publicId, systemId, and notationName attributes are copied. If a deep import is asked for, the descendants from the the supply Entity are recursively imported along with the resulting nodes reassembled to form the corresponding subtree.

The imported node copies its goal and information values from those in the source node.Note which the deep parameter has no impact on such a nodes due to the fact they cannot have any little ones.

The following table lists the method catalog views you could use to return metadata about user-outlined functions.

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